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Solar Powered Equipment

We bring the power of the sun to brighten your home and give life to your electrical equipment.


Mobile Automation

With a push of a button or a phone call, we can make anything work automatically for you at your home or business.

Security Equipment

From solar to hidden camera’s, your always on the know with our top rated security equipment.


Generate Free Energy with Solar Power

Aduduke Technology is Africa’s leading merchant tackling the biggest problem the continent faces which is power supply. We bring light in the form of renewable energy by selling, installing and servicing solar and wind renewable energy equipment. We also make your home or work enviroment easier by automating regular actions to simplify your everyday task. Along with our renewable energy solution, we carry the top rated security devices to keep your home and business operational no matter what time of the day or night.



Don’t get us wrong, solar panels are an excellent way to lower your energy bills, save money, and increase the value of your property. However, it’s not the only solution. Aduduke Technology strives on the knowledge and experience gathered in energy saving to help you find the best energy solution for your home.

With our team of independent and experienced energy consultants,  our goal is to provide you with cost-effective energy solutions that address your unique needs. We offer a variety of services to help you ensure your home is operating at peak efficiency.
We’ve worked on thousands of homes and businesses in the region, helping them save on energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and even improve their property values.

Whether your motivations for switching to solar power are economic, personal or environmental, our team is here to help you get the most out of your solar needs. We make the whole process easy for you. At Aduduke Technology, our goal is to satisfy our customers in every way possible.

  • ♦Site Survey

    Set up an appointment at your convenience with one of our experienced energy consultants to go over with you all of your energy options and help you find the best fit for your energy needs.

  • ♦Design Stage

    After helping you find the best option, our team will create the optimal design for your home and obtain all the necessary permits from your city

  • ♦Installation

    Once the permitting has been completed, we will schedule a time to install your system. Our experienced installers use innovative technology to ensure your system will be highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

  • ♦Testing

    We provide maintenance for all our systems* and will take all the necessary steps to guarantee your system is always operating at its maximum efficiency.

Let Us Create Your Solar Home

The Complete Off Grid Solar Home

Built With Automated Equipment Controlled Via A Mobile Phone

With everything in the house turned on we use less then 2kva of power

The Benefits of going solar opposed to petrol and diesel generators

Own Your Power

You own your home but rent your power… By going solar, you replace your power bill which makes it easy to own it.

Stop Rate Increase

Utility companies tend to raise up their rates 2-4% every year, and you are susceptible to these increases if you buy electricity from the grid. You can protect yourself from these increases by using solar energy because there pattern will never stop.

Reduce Pollution

With the cost of petrol and diesel making up a large part of you monthly expense, a solar home or business eliminates the constant hassle of refueling and the servicing a liquid operated generator. It also reduces your utility bill giving you a long term savings plan. Gone will be the days of having to hear a generator or inhaling the fumes which produces pollution within your environment.
To get constant and reliable power supply, look into making your home or business a solar one.

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